Nadleśnictwo Kliniska, Pucko 1, 72-123 Kliniska Wielkie confirms that the contractor BRACIA STRZELCZYK Witold Strzelczyk ... completed the task titled "Construction of the reinforced concrete tower in the Kliniska Forest District" ..., the subject of the contract included:

  • construction of a fire tower of reinforced concrete construction (in sliding technology) with a total height of 48.5 m above sea level,
  • assembly of the observation deck (external steel structure),
  • assembly of the observation cabin at the top of the tower,
  • staircase assembly (internal steel structure),
  • external facade (painting) in mountaineering technique,
  • development of the area around the object (fence 10m x 10m),
  • performance of the building's energy connection,
  • execution of internal electrical installations,
  • lightning and grounding installation for the facility.

The contract was duly executed and in accordance with the Employer's requirements.

The contractor showed a competent team of employees who were in constant contact with the representatives of the Employer.

The certificate was issued at the request of the Contractor for the purposes of tender procedures conducted in other institutions.

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Ryszard Siarkiewicz-Hoszowski ZASTĘPCA NADLEŚNICZEGO Nadleśnictwa Kliniska