Bracia Strzelczyk Company provides services to PTK Centertel Sp. z o.o. continuously since 1997. The subject of cooperation is the realization of the investment, which includes in particular:

attracting potential locations for objects of mobile-telephony network, and lead to the signing of the lease agreement (lease) or lead to the purchase of land for tower network object
renegotiation of existing contracts and signing annexes
implementation of technical projects and carrying out formal and legal issues to obtain a final administrative decision of the building permit (or other form of authorization for the construction of a base station, according to the construction law)
complete the construction of new network facilities such as stations, tower stations on the roofs of buildings, chimneys, churches; includes within its scope the execution and assembly of underantenna with the necessary work of adaptation, construction of new premises for the equipment, together with the installation of container and bolt, make a complete internal and external electrical installations, supply and installation of roads and cable ladders, work related to land development station ( fencing, square paved access road)
modernization of existing facilities
installation works involving the installation of one or more antenna systems (which included antenna with feeders), installation of the line radio, power system or installation of repeaters.

For the past several years, the Bracia Strzelczyk made a total of several hundred implementation throughout the country for PTK Centertel Sp. z o.o. . It is a trustworthy partner, timely and professionally fullfill the assigned tasks, responsive to the needs of the investor – ready to take the most difficult and complicated orders. Is a partner worth recommending.

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