Projects, analyses, researches and expertises.
    Possessing a good project constitutes 50% of success of every investment. Therefore our specialists very carefully prepare project design documentation, in the case of such necessity, ordering additional research or expertises with the co-operating specialists.

    – Construction and structural types of antennae supporting structures (for instance masts, towers and handles), outdoor elemnt or container supporting structures as well as cable apths along with auxiliary structure stands (for instance barriers or platforms)
    – the technological antennae assembly
    – electro-energy as well as lightning installations of the network object along with the connecting section as well as spatial land management for the network tower object.
    All of our projects are prepared with the application of the electronic form with the application of graphic design programs.Reports, researches and maps:
    – we create reports which discuss the topic of the influence of the network object upon the natural environment
    – we execute geotechnical research of soil located within the land allotment meant for the construction of network objects
    – we prepare expertises, specialist opinions, amongst others, load analysis, vertical operating scheme, water resource management and legal scheme
    – we prepare maps for various project aims

    Transmission and power supply devices.

    – optical cross sections
    – multiplex devices
    – antennae systems NMT/GSM/DCS/UMTS
    – PDH radiolines (all frequencies, manufacturers: DMC/STARTEX, ALCATEL, ERICSSON)
    – SDH radiolines
    – alarm systems
    – WLAN systems
    – external battery switch boards
    – remote supervision systems
    – internal installation antennae systems

    Assembly, power supply, spatial land management.

    – we assemble tower type of objects along with tower and antennae supporting structures
    – we ensure locations for radio devices
    – we assembly containers as well as its foundations
    – we adapt the already existing premises and shall construct new should it be required
    – we deliver and assemble structures which supoort outdoor/indoor elements
    – we execute the complete electricity and earthing installations along with power supply lines
    – we deliver and assemble cable paths as well as cable ladders
    – we execute construction works (fundations, spatial land management, fencing, hardened square as well as access road) as well as other construction works, foreseen within technical projects or which are necessary considering the local conditions or additional partner requirements.

    Assumptions, decisions, permissions and supervision.

    We execute all formalities and provide solutions to all legal problems, connected to various investments.Within the process of construction project legalisation we obtain:
    – all of the decisions, arrangements, permissions and opinions which are indispensable for the obtainment of the construction permission or required with the stipulations of law (the decision on the conditions of the spatial management of the land allotment, the arrangement of the decision upon the environmental conditions, the technical conditions for the powering of various power stations, project agreements in terms of civil and military aviation) as well as additional documentation, which stem from the location or from the local authority requirements (for instance, the option of the monument conservator or agreements with sightseeing park officials)
    – the decision regarding the construction permission or other forms of permissions for the construction of network objects in accordance with the Building Law
    – the decision on the permission of usage, should it be required by the representatives of the construction supervision authority

The range of our operations so far:

  1. Telecommunication systems (mainly for PTK Centerel)
    Complete management of telecom investments.
    We built hundreds of base stations for mobile operators. From gaining space for investments, by all agreements, projects, permits and decisions for the constructions, operations and transfer of the finished project.
  2. Radio navigation systems DVOR/DME; OR/DME; DME; ILS (for Polska Agencja Żeglugi Powietrznej):
  3. Complete management of radio navigation investments.
    We built several objects of this type – navigation support. From gaining space for investments, by all agreements, projects, permits and decisions for the constructions, operations and transfer of the finished project.
  4. Radar systems (for Polska Agencja Żeglugi Powietrznej)
  5. Electrical and power systems
  6. Security systems – fire protection systems (SAP), burglary and robbery (SSWIN) and access control (SDK)
  7. Observation systems (for Straż Graniczna)
    Observation day / night including thermal imaging cameras

We have a design office operating in the following sectors:
– design and construction
– electricity
– telecommunication
– radio